imperial party values


We would like to bring back the true British values of Respect, Honesty, Integrity, MannersJustice and Fairplay.

We want real free speech and an end to political correctness and the racial discrimination laws, the restoration of the Death Penalty and Hard labour brought back for more serious crimes which will end holiday camp and open prisons. Migrants to be deported for serious crimes e.g. robbery and rape, Terroists to be given the death penalty. An end to the Human rights laws and the introduction of a new written Bill of Rights guaranteeing our essential and hard fought for freedoms. In the last few years ,and with Merkels help, the rise of Islam is now threatening to take over Europe and is making a conflict ever more likely between Christians and Islam in our towns and cities.We want to discourage them from taking root and remove Islam from our shores adn back to the middle east where it belongs. be We would take the following actions, no Sharia type laws or the Halal method of killing of animals , No tanoy calling the muslims to prayer. The end of Muslim religious schools.the ending of Muslims having 4 wives in the UK, ban the Burka plus the removal of all Muslims from positions of power within government or councils.

The reintroduction of marrage as the family unit and the ending of same sex marriages which is part of the neoliberal agenda to bring our country down. The ending of radicalisation and brainwashing of students by teachers in schools and universities, all students to be taught a trade or needed skills, electronics , robotics etc whilst still at school while increasing healthy outdoor excise plus ending the use of mobile phones in schools and classrooms..All schools will have security guards and onsite cameras to stop bullying, no snowflakes allowed. All young men and women at sixteen years old to be taught how to use weapons of all descriptions by trained personnel .Banning work agencies in the UK and making companies employ people themselves, whilst ending zero hours contracts. A radical slimming down of civil servants, the introduction of the P.A.T ( personal added tax)card system of saving for house buying /retirement, a system that everything you buy has an added percentage to the price which is put into your account and given interest by the government. Our old people to be given the choice of living in an old peoples secure village complete with all health and other amenities. The training of doctors and nurses to be prioritised and a major reduction of managerial staff in hospitals brought in. All visitors to the UK to have medical cover before they are allowed in.The end of journoterrorism, the war of fear used by the media, by government order, to make the people doas they are told ,1984 is finished, the BBC , the Biased Brainwashing Cabala to be shut down. Accountability to be brought back in every sphere of life, no more will bankers get away with crashing the system and will go to jail, a full inquiry into the banking system, which is based on debt, to find a new system based on precious metals or bitcoin and so end the bankers monopoly, Judges to be replaced with computers and a life sentence means life , based on the American system. Our Army, Navy and Airforce to be brought up to strength by building new ships, tanks and aircraft etc. ourselves. Our soldiers will be exempt from lawyers chasing them for supposed war crimes and will go into battle supplied with all the up to date equipment and back up to win any war. After we leave the EU all migrants and so called refugees will be deported if they have not been in this country for at least 20 years. No more refugees will be allowed into the country for any reason. We will stop the £18 billion of our money which is given away to despots around the world and spend the money here on the poor, helpless,ending drug addiction, drug pushers will be given the death penalty, no ifs or buts, the building of affordable houses to buy or rent at cheap rates , ending buy to let and bringing down rents to affordable levels. Creches will be built so that one parent families can go to work. Government training and work companies will take the unemployed , train them and set them to work, no more living off the dole. In fact bringing back fairplay, honesty, integrity, manners,justice and respect.