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Thomas Davison, Leader of the Imperial Party

WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE THE NAME OF THE PARTY TO THE IMPERIAL PLEBS PARTY, AWAKE YE BLIND AND CONTEMPTABLE PLEBS AWAKE,WHY DO YOU DO NOTHING FOR YOUR COUNTRY, WE HAVE TRIED TO AWAKEN THE BULL DOG SPIRIT IN YOU BUT TO NO AVAIL. YOU deserve to be under EU rule, YOU deserve to have your land invaded by foreigners and Islam with its Sharia laws. YOU deserve to lose your rights to these people. YOU deserve to have your young women targetted by muslim paedophiles because YOU will not protect your own, YOU deserve to have your laws and rights wiped away by the autocrats of the EU, YOU deserve to have their Human rights laws thrust down your throats. YOU deserve to have NO say in how your country is governed, YOU deserve to keep paying the ever increasing taxes to keep the EU debt free. YOU deserve to be the slaves of the EU and our "snout in the trough" politicians, they know that you are spineless and they can do as they please without fear you will rise up. YOU deserve to have your country filled up with immigrants, YOU deserve to have your homes and jobs taken away from you and given to foreigners. YOU deserve never to see the end of immigration because it is you who will have to leave. YOU deserve to have unjust laws and have no proper judges or police on your streets. YOU deserve to see petrol prices rise until you can no longer afford it, peasants walk. YOU deserve to see foreigners using the NHS for free and sending you the bill. YOU deserve to see the retirement laws change so that you retire at 75 so you get no pension at all before you die,but you will pay for the golden pensions of others who will retire at 60. YOU deserve to see pensioners without a proper pension so that they cannot retire and have to choose between eat or heat nor the chance of handing on their jobs to the young? YOU deserve to see our troops forever being shot to pieces fighting other peoples wars and then sacked when they come home. YOU deserve to see our Navy, Army and airforce so small it is unable to defend our country. YOU deserve to see MPs expenses increase and are able to employ their families and fiddle even more money while you work aand they want to decrease their hours. YOU deserve never getting a referendum on the EU,slaves dont vote. YOU deserve to see shorter prison sentences or none at all for criminals. YOU deserve to see income tax reduced for millionaires and increased for you as you are so spineless you would not say anything but pay it. YOU deserve to pay the banks back for their loses after all look what they have done to our country and give them bigger bonuses while they lie and manipulate to get our country deeper in debt. YOU deserve to see terrorists staying in our country and plotting to kill you because they cannot be sent back to where they came from because of HR laws yet you pay for their homes, children, food , cars and holidays, you are prats and deserve it. YOU deserve to see your young men and women leave school without being able to read or write. YOU deserve to see our young people unemployed without a chance of work because of immigration and schooling. YOU deserve to see a never ending rise in council taxes to pay for their gold plated pensions while the same councillors go on world trips at your expense. YOU deserve getting no accountability from politicians or councillors,you work for them not they for you. YOU deserve farmers poisoning your food and rivers, and why should they grow food when they can grow oil seed rape for bigger profits. YOU deserve the ever increasing cost of living after all companies have to make massive profits. YOU deserve rubbish teachers in your schools and doctors who cannot speak English and do not care if you live or die as long as they get their huge pensions. YOU deserve to see the police armed to the teeth and "kettling" the crowds before they kill or maim you having no fear of being arrested for it as it is a police state. YOU deserve losing your fishing rights along with your once secure borders and manufacturing base. YOU deserve having politicians like BLAIR and CAMERLOON who lie and have sent hundreds of men to their deaths for nothing, who are getting richer and laughing all the way to the bank while real men are in their graves and you go on the breadline. YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO SEE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN,YOU ARE SPINELESS WHINGERS WHO REALLY COULDNT FIGHT YOUR WAY OUT OF A PAPER BAG IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED UPON IT, WHAT USE ARE YOU TO BRITAIN? ARE THE REAL BRITS ALL GONE NOW?, THINK ABOUT IT ARE YOU SPINELESS? IF YOU THINK YOUR A PLEB AND HAVE WHAT IT TAKES THEN THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO BE A TRUE BRITISH PLEB, IF YOU HAVE NO BACK BONE THEN ALL THE THINGS YOU DESERVE WILL COME TO PASS AND QUICKER THAN YOU THINK, WHAT A FUTURE TO LEAVE TO YOUR CHILDREN? TO BE SLAVES TO THE EU AND EVENTUALLY ISLAM

Band together you PLEBS of the bulldog breed and fight for your country to gain your lost honour and freedoms, NO on second thoughts crawl back under your stones and hide, real British PLEBS only wanted here.

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A unique idea from the Imperial Party; find out about P.A.T., the card you cannot do without...
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Bring back Christianity
We need to teach Christianity in our schools again before it is too late...
More on Christianity

Save the Rain Forest
Why does this government allow the destruction of the Rain Forest? They went to war on a lie and for oil, so why not for the Rain Forest and our Climate?
We must also start planting trees in Britain!
 Rainforest Campaign

Abolish Speed Cameras
159 MPH for the police is perfectly acceptable, but 3 MPH over the limit for you means a fine and licence endorsement! What hypocrisy from the establishment!
Join our campaign for the destruction of Speed Cameras.
 Camera Campaign

General Election 2015
We need people with conviction to stand for our party in the next general election around 2015, we need you now, you must have courage and conviction and above all, common sense. We know we can do better than the people who are in power now, join us to free Great Britain from Europe..
 Election results

The Imperial Party is a royalist party fighting for the traditional values of Britain and the British - the values that made our country great.

Our party wants back our right to freedom of speech for England and the English People and to reintroduce Christian values into our lives.

We reject the creeping Police State being stealthily imposed on us by the unelected legislators in the E.U. as an ever-tightening noose around Britain's neck. We will withdraw immediately  from the E.U. and regain our independence and sovereignty and at the same time get rid of the EU immigrants and all others who do not belong here.
Our Agenda
Why we chose the name Imperial for our party.

Our name, Imperial



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